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Ancient screen mystery shadow

Ancient screen mystery shadow

Ancient screen mystery shadow

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2234 ratings
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    Ancient screen mystery shadow
  • Author:

    Zhang Hantian
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    365 Books
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The story tells that Zhang Yongfu, the father of the protagonist Zhang Hantian, disappeared ten years ago, which triggered Zhang Hantian's eagerness to find his father's whereabouts. After graduating from college, Zhang Hantian, a seemingly simple teenager, rushed home quickly. Unexpectedly, his mother was already dying of a terminal disease. Before his death, he told his father the strangeness of missing and it was said that the family inheritance guarded a secret. His mother knew nothing and died sadly. Grieving, he knew that his missing father was the only family member in the world. With many mysteries and a determination to find his father without fear of difficulties, he started the journey of pursuing his father and wanted to solve more mysteries. In the process, he met Shen Xiaobing, Lin Zihan, Xiao and Wang Junbo. On the way, strange events appear one after another. Everything encountered adds more puzzles and becomes more and more strange; Originally, I was thinking of looking for my father and becoming like chasing my father's road. In my heart, I expected that the probability of my father's survival was getting smaller and smaller. I was worried that the fantasy of father son reunion would eventually be dashed by the cruel facts, and my heart was painful, confused and tangled. Just after he discovered the secret of family inheritance and protection, he had the courage to assume the mission and responsibility of the guardian. In the process of looking for his father, he launched a fierce confrontation with a group of tomb robbers of the mysterious organization. The family members under his leadership fought wits and bravery with the illegal groups and passed through the serious difficulties. Unwilling to give up, Zhang Hantian decided to go to the bottom and decide his future extraordinary. Under his leadership, he started many unknown adventure journeys.

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