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My brothers are chosen children

My brothers are chosen children

My brothers are chosen children

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    My brothers are chosen children
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    Dark seven white
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    Canela books
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2022-06-24 21:24:40
Liu Chen, the transgressor, originally only wanted to be a quiet emperor. However, the war broke out in the cultivation world and broke Liu Chen's peaceful life he went to yuntianzong to practice and met five like-minded teenagers. In the dilapidated Mountain Gate, Liu Chen thought they were also related households with low talent, but later in life, he found that his martial brothers were all chosen children with single or different spiritual roots a group of people who share the same bad taste and live many unhappy lives have forged profound friendship in getting along day and night if you don't accept yuntianzong, overthrow it if you are dissatisfied with the chaos in the world, fight until everyone is satisfied "the young monk dares to fit in with us. I will kill all of you today to let you know that there are people outside and there are days outside." "Oh, yes, my master may not agree!"

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