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Daming: the most Niu Guogong

Daming: the most Niu Guogong

Daming: the most Niu Guogong

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    Daming: the most Niu Guogong
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    Baishui Heishan
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    Lava Novel
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2023-02-02 14:17:51
Ming Dynasty, Hongwu Period, 1388 ad modern people's blue jade has become the blue jade of the great general of the Ming Dynasty knowing that the real Lanyu will not live for a few years, he will try his best to rewrite his destiny therefore, he swept away the imperial court of the later Yuan Dynasty in the fishing Erhai, won the favor of the princess of the later Yuan Dynasty, and was rewarded by the emperor as the Duke of Liang in Shu, the rebellious rebellion was wiped out and crown prince Zhu Biao was revived in the battle of wits and bravery with King Zhu Di of Yan, strange moves occurred frequently, which completely suppressed the arrogance of King Zhu Di of Yan unconsciously, he really changed the trend of history as he expected.

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