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This advertisement is great

This advertisement is great

This advertisement is great

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    This advertisement is great
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    Works of old drivers
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    Beauty Read
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2022-04-26 14:31:34
A web page jumps out of the game pop-up window [super abnormal legendary private server, send a red envelope when you log in, a knife 9999 +, crazy brush gold coin equipment, hang up casually for a long time, and recover thousands of high prices...] a short video crazy recommendation advertisement [retail super welfare, stock speculation black technology software, no charge, no bonus, AI big data analysis, recommend 3 potential stocks every day, automatically prompt the trading point...] receive a strange mobile phone message one day [Hello! I'm the lost son of the gambling king. Now I need 10 million yuan to alleviate the urgent need. I will be paid a hundred times in return for inheriting my family business in the future...] the harassment notice of a fish app mall [second hand aircraft carriers understand that nuclear powered aircraft carriers are sold online, 70% new, only 99999999.99, giving 1 million square meters of Islands...] an old street stall shouted loudly [the secret recipe handed down from the 18th generation, health preserving six gods pill, palace Dingkun pill, golden bell mask, Chen's Taiji mental skill, don't miss...] Gold broadcast by a local TV station [research and develop new scientific and technological compound fertilizers to help new agricultural development and increase production. The moon surface can grow madly, and farmers in Africa and America are scrambling madly...] ... PS: all this comes true, starting from triggering the system!