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Between Bi Shang and Miao Li

Between Bi Shang and Miao Li

Between Bi Shang and Miao Li

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    Between Bi Shang and Miao Li
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    Time snow
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    Pc Books
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2023-01-30 05:46:57
Thirteen is a number of truth, which reflects the realm of soul refining, spiritual orifices, real souls, spiritual sea, spiritual Island, spiritual kingdom, spiritual world, spiritual bridge, Yuan Zun, yuan God, stepping on emptiness, breaking emptiness and emptiness "what kind of spiritual world do you want to choose to evolve?" "The first opportunity is to break the spirit bridge. At this time, the spirit world can be thrown to the outside world and evolve into a low-level plane; the second opportunity is to throw the spirit world to the outside world after understanding the space law and before the space law is stable in the spirit world, so that the spirit world can evolve into a medium-level plane; the last time is a choice, whether to break the spirit world and step into the void?" "After the void?" I looked at the book, didn't answer, and asked other questions. "fate, domination and eternity." on the other side of the book, it was written like this.

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